Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Burak Bedikyan - Awakening (2016) SteepleChase Productions ApS

Being a former classical pianist, Turkish-born Burak Bedikyan employs his enormous technical proficiency to elaborate his compositions here on this third album to illustrate the new depth in his creativity.

“…his exponential growth as a performer, composer and arranger is chronicled with one of the finest releases for 2013 in Circle of Life …” (Brent Black – Bob-N-Jazz on SCCD33109 Circle of Life)

01. Idée Fixe 7:06
02. Mother Earth 8:53
03. All Alone 7:47
04. Unfair Blues 6:06
05. Awakening 8:30
06. Memory Of A Fading Dream 8:44
07. Ad Infinitum 5:47
08. Do Not Fear 9:53
09. The All Seeing Eye 6:11

Total Playing Time: 69:27

All compositions by Burak Bedikyan

LOREN STILLMAN alto & soprano saxophone

Recorded December 2015