Friday, September 23, 2016

Walter Beltrami Lost - Invisible People (2016)

“I had been composing the music for this Quintet for months and one day, I happened to read the beautiful graphic novel “The arrival” by Shaun Tan. I realized immediately that all I had written so far was deeply related to my condition of “immigrant”. So I started to think of all those who are far away from their countries, their affections and the places of their past. Famous people, friends but, most of all, those who are totally unknown to the world, who cross everyday our path and who, in the silence of their anonymity, often hide complicate and dramatic stories, sometimes full of courage, choices of love, losses and sacrifices. Silent and harmless heroes who will be always ignored by History, destined to always remain “No-one”.

This project is dedicated to all of them, an humble tribute of an artist to the theme of “Journey”, not always a choice but surely the real engine of the world and to all the Odysseus (known and unknown) who are far away from home to realize a dream, to be oneself or, unfortunately, only to survive” [Walter Beltrami]

01. Lost
02. Enchanted Mountain
03. Andrej
04. The Flame
05. Hymn
06. The Room
07. Luci d'inverno
08. The Wanderer
09. Nesos

Walter Beltrami, guitars and composition
Fausto Beccalossi, accordion
Jean-Philippe Feiss, cello
Roberto Bordiga, double bass
Markku Ounaskari, drums & percussion