Friday, September 23, 2016

Eric Alexander - Second Impression (2016) HIGHNOTE RECORDS

It can be argued with some validity that one's overall movement through life is reflected in his creative endeavor, and Eric Alexander's strength and versatility on the saxophone can be viewed from this perspective. At this point in his career, Eric has certainly covered a lot of territory, both literally and figuratively. 

He himself has lost count of how many albums feature his playing; our guess is 100 or more. While he has garnered critical acclaim from every corner, what has mattered most has been to establish his own voice within the illustrious bop-based jazz tradition which is exactly what he does on his latest HighNote release. The close-knit ensemble of a band of regular buddies, coupled with the bass-clef contributions of the extraordinary Bob Cranshaw, make for a listening experience not soon forgotten.

01. Second Impression
02. So Many Stars
03. Blues for Mo
04. Jennie's Dance
05. Secret Love
06. T-Bone Steak
07. Frenzy
08. Everything Happens to Me
09. Full House

Eric Alexander, tenor saxophone
Bob Cranshaw, bass
Harold Mabern, piano, Fender Rhodes
Joe Farnsworth, drums