Friday, September 2, 2016

Jerry Bergonzi - Spotlight on Standards (2016)

How can you not believe in God when there are things like Hammond B3-tenor groups? There is no way anything but an all-knowing and loving God could create something like this.

Jerry  Bergonzi brings his tenor to team up with Renato Chicco/B3 and Andrea Michelutti/dr for a vintage stick to your ribs blue plate session. The medium is the message here, and it can be delivered in any style. The team is angular in it’s groove on a modal take of “Witchcraft” and is as crispy as a Pringle’s chip on “Come Rain Or Come Shine.” Bergonzi makes his tenor flexible, as he can get as fuzzy as a fur ball on “Dancing In The Dark” or thick as sorghum during his own “First Lady.” The rhythm team boogaloos with delight on “Blue Cube” and Michelutti has tons of fun turning “Out Of  Nowhere” into a Latin Lover. Filling, and a wonderful aftertaste that lingers lusciously.

1. Witchcraft
2. Bi-Solar
3. Blue Cube
4. First Lady
5. Gabriella
6. Dancing in the Dark
7. Out of Nowhere
8. Come Rain Or Come Shine
9. Stella by Starlight

Jerry Bergonzi (tenor saxophone)
Renato Chicco (organ)
Andrea Michelutti (drums)