Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ivan Paduart & Quentin Dujardin - Catharsis (October 2016) MONS RECORDS

Passionate about writing, Ivan Paduart & Quentin Dujardin create finely crafted lines that feature their own universes, the pianist's jazz world and the unclassifiable style of the guitarist. Their desire to further pursue this adventure now leads them to record this new album, Catharsis alongside Manu Katché, Richard Bona, Olivier Ker Ourio and Bert Joris - artists that don't need introduction - they have created a work that will delight many ears.

Ivan Paduart, piano
Quentin Dujardin, nylon guitar
Richard Bona, bass
Manu Katché, drums
Olivier Ker Ourio, harmonica
Bert Joris, trumpet

01. Délivrance
02. Retrouvailles
03. Human Being
04. Catharsis
05. Far Ahead
06. Mark & Farouk
07. Isabelle
08. Song for Paco
09. Dreams Ago