Monday, August 15, 2016

Gabriel Dávila - Familia (2016)

Released August 14, 2016

Gabriel Dávila is a jazz guitarist from Caracas, Venezuela. He has performed and taught in Venezuela, Colombia and the U.S. for over 10 years. His debut album "UNO" was released in 2014. His second album "Familia" was released in August of 2016. This album is dedicated to his family and it includes a set of originals in different ensemble configurations. He currently resides in Chicago.

1. Cheo 04:27
2. Chela 05:32
3. Pikal 04:57
4. Para Andrea 07:03
5. Breathe 05:12
6. #ILY 05:43
7. Worst Best Friend 07:20
8. Keep Trying 06:02
9. Tough Titty 05:56

Gabriel Davila - guitar 
Tony Glausi - trumpet 
Josh Hettwer - tenor sax 
Matt Hettwer - trombone 
Lyle Hopkins - bass 
Ken Mastrogiovanni - drums

Most compositions by Gabriel Davila. #ILY by Josh Hetwerr, Worst Best Friend and Tough Titty by Lyle Hopkins. 

Recorded @ University of Oregon, Eugene, OR by Gabriel Davila. Mixed by Gabriel Davila. Mastered by Enrique Schironi Mazzei. Design by Waleska Belisario at ABV Taller de Diseño. Photography by Federico Prieto and Jonathan Corona.