Monday, August 15, 2016

Richard Ebert Quartett - Nyx (2016) UNIT RECORDS


"Nyx" godess of the night that rises from the chaos is the eponym for the debut album of the young german saxophone player Richard Ebert. His compositions deal with sleep as a matter of everyday loss of reality and self control and the visions, images, phantasies and even delusions that come along with it. The sound created by the band moves stilistically from bebop and postbop to modern jazz and even rock and pop music without beeing stereotype – it sounds new an contemporary. Filled with humor, spontaneity and poetry the four musicians combine playful rhythms, impulsive melodies and withdrawn ostinatos. Rapid time shifts go along with heavy grooves and martial riffs.

1. Komm süßer Schlaf
2. Bop chromatique
3. Die Kuh
4. Jaqueline
5. Samstagabend
6. Nyx
7. Zierfische Im Erlebnisbad
8. Gespenster im Zauberwald

Richard Ebert – Saxophone
Mathis Nicolaus – Piano, Keys
Christoph Hutter – Doublebass
Patrick Neumann – Drums

Aufnahmestudio: Echolux Studio, Leipzig DE
All compositions by Richard Ebert
Recorded at Echolux Studio, Leipzig
Recording Date: 1. bis 3. Mai 2015
Studio engineer: Nico Teichmann
Mastering by Tomasz Skluski