Monday, March 21, 2016


Label: Rattle VUP
Source: The Jac
Gab's Rating: ★★★★★

The Jac is an 8 piece locomotion of pure musical energy, playing a genre defying blend of jazz and classical originals with contemporary beats and grooves.

The Jac features some of NZ's finest musical talent, with members of The Troubles, Rodger Fox's WJO, the Richter City Rebels and even the NZSO!

Inspired the writing of some of the world's foremost jazz musicians, including Joshua Redman, Miguel Zenon and Dave Douglas, the Jazz Collective's 4 horn, 4 rhythm instrumentation (trumpet, alto, tenor, trombone, guitar, piano, bass & drums) combines the textures, power, range, and versatility of a big band with the intimacy, playfulness and interaction of a small group.

With the release of their debut album NERVE on Rattle Records The Jac is opening a new page in the book of original NZ music

"New Zealand jazz has been increasingly delivering not just interesting but quite exceptional albums, and because they just keep coming -- many through the estimable Rattle Jazz imprint -- you get a feeling of continuity and growth. Rattle… [with its] unimpeachable track record in releasing beautifully produced, impressively packaged, award-winning contemporary classical and elsewhere albums, [has now made] a serious foray into jazz." - Graham Reid, Elsewhere

Lex French, trumpet
Jake Baxendale, alto sax
Chris Buckland, tenor sax
Matthew Allison, trombone
Callum Allardice, guitar
Daniel Hayles, rhodes
Daniel Millward, piano
Nick Tipping, bass
Shaun Anderson, drums