Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Michael Herring Quartet - A Very Large Gap (2016)

Label: Self Released

The Michael Herring Quartet is a new project from accomplished Toronto bassist and composer Michael Herring that explores the influences and sounds of 1960’s jazz in a classic chord-less quartet format. The front-line is made up of saxophonists Chris Gale and David French, each taking turns playing tenor and baritone, and joining Herring in the rhythm section is his long-time collaborator, drummer Nick Fraser.

The band has a real rapport, and brings a hard-swinging 1960’s sound to its performances. This is a horn blowing party inspired by Mingus and Ellington, mixing classic jazz sounds with Herring’s more modern approach to composition.

They will be releasing their debut album, A Very Large Gap, in 2016, dedicated to the reconciling of disparities – rebalancing inequities, and building bridges between cultures – and it uses a grooving bluesy sound to deliver this message.

“Michael Herring has established himself as one of the most creative musicians on the Canadian scene” Joseph Blake – Times-Colonist

“the boss’s bass soars and swoops and the overall impact is tremendous” Geoff Chapman –  Toronto Star

1. Treefology 04:51
2. Midden 07:14
3. Impermanence (Changes) 04:50
4. With Both Feet On The Ground 05:05
5. Moanin' 05:42
6. Fearless and Kind 05:23
7. Seedy Underbelly Button 05:52
8. Roadhouse, Mass. 05:50
9. Blues Bird (White Throated Sparrow) 04:46
10.Further Than The Future 04:34
11.Quantum 04:00
12.Tzac 06:02
13.A Very Large Gap 05:02

David French -- Tenor and Baritone Saxophones (left channel)
Chris Gale -- Tenor and Baritone Saxophones (right channel)
Michael Herring -- Double Bass
Nick Fraser -- Drums