Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Josh Quinlan Trio - Chopin Project (2016)

The Chopin Project features six original arrangement's of Frederic Chopin's Nocturnes and Preludes and a lyrical waltz composed by Quinlan and inspired by classical harmonic movement. The group features Matt Smiley (bass), Ed Breazeale (drums) and Josh Quinlan (saxophone, piano and arrangements). If you like beautiful classical melodies and harmony fused with modern jazz rhythm and conception you will really enjoy the Chopin Project.

Josh Quinlan (saxophone, piano and arrangements)
Matt Smiley (bass)
Ed Breazeale (drums)

1. Prelude in Ab Major 11:12
2. Nocturne in B Major (Ab excerpt) 06:24
3. Nocturne in C Minor 08:11
4. Warsaw 05:17
5. Nocturne in E Major 04:18
6. Nocturne in G Minor 04:30
7. Nocturne a Mr. Ferdinand Hiller 06:12

Released February 23, 2016