Saturday, September 15, 2018

Beverly Copeland - Beverly Copeland (Majik Bus 2018)

Beverly Glenn-Copeland was born in Philadelphia USA but this cult jazz folk album was recorded in Canada for the CBC in-house label and only released to CBC radio stations. In the intervening years the album has become highly sought after by collectors. Stand out tracks include the amazing ‘Don’t Despair’ and ‘Good Morning Blues’, both written by Copeland, and psych jazz reprise of the first track ‘Don’t Despair’. Copeland’s sound is a wonderful mix of Terry Callier with hints of Joan Armatrading and Joni Mitchell. Incredibly rare, originals of this LP have been known to sell for up to USD$1500 in the market place. Having now transitioned to a man, Glenn Copeland is still recording and playing his incredible music today.

1. Don't Despair 02:59
2. Untitled (Make The Answer "Yes") 04:31
3. Song From Beads 02:17
4. Nothing Beautiful 05:27
5. Good Morning Beautiful 04:37
6. Durocher 04:36
7. Northwind 03:21
8. Swords Of Gold 02:51
9. Interval 04:41
10. Reflections 08:05
11. Don't Despair (Jazz Version) 02:59

Producer: Ramona Randall
Remix Engineer: Gilles Vaudeville
Recording Engineer: Robert Guay
Music Consultant: Neil Chotem
Recorded in Montreal at the CBC Studios on March 24th and 25th, 1970.

All tracks remastered at The Warehouse Studio by Eric Mosher with Sidechain™.

Artwork remastered by Brent Lunney.

CBC Production Coordinator: John Rahme

Series Curator: Gary Corben