Saturday, July 7, 2018

Minji Kim, Drew Gress & Jongkuk Kim - Every Moment (2018)

Minji is a pianist, composer, and an instructor who was born in South Korea. She pursued bachelor’s degree at Berklee College of Music with a Jazz Performance Award, Berklee Achievement Scholarship, and Berklee International Grant. She studied with many brilliant professors including Joanne Brackeen, Alain Mallet, and Ed Tomassi. Minji is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Jazz Performance at New York University while working as an adjunct instructor at NYU. She has recorded/performed with many recognizable musicians including Drew Gress, Alan Ferber, Alex Sipiagin, David Pietro (will perform with Lenny Pickett  on April 27th and Brad Shepik in July). She has released her first debut album, “Every Moment”, on February 2018 under her own recording label with Drew Gress on bass and Jongkuk Kim on drums (featured by Alex Sipiagin on trumpet, Dave Pietro on alto sax, and Alan Ferber on trombone). Minji currently is performing at various places and building her musical experiences with many musicians, such as Blue Note, Club Bonafide, ShapeShifter Lab,Tomi Jazz, Loewe Theatre, and James Dolan Studio. She will have her first abroad tour in Costa Rica (“Costa Rica Tour & Clinic) in July 2018 with NYU Group (featured by Brad Shepik).

1. A Big Tree (feat. Alan Ferber) Minji Kim, Drew Gress & Jongkuk Kim 6:04
2. Light River (feat. Alex Sipiagin & Dave Pietro) Minji Kim, Drew Gress & Jongkuk Kim 7:09
3. Db Minji Kim, Drew Gress & Jongkuk Kim 4:53
4. April 29th (feat. Alex Sipiagin, Dave Pietro, Alan Ferber & Songyi Jeon) Minji Kim, Drew Gress & Jongkuk Kim 6:25
5. Na-Bi Minji Kim & Jongkuk Kim 5:18
6. The Moment (feat. Alex Sipiagin) Minji Kim, Drew Gress & Jongkuk Kim 5:24
7. Yearning Minji Kim & Drew Gress 5:18

Drew Gress on bass
Jongkuk Kim on drums

Alex Sipiagin on Trumpet (Track 2, 4, 6)
Dave Pietro on Alto Saxophone (Track 2, 4)
Alan Ferber on Trombone (Track 1, 4)
Songyi Jeon on Vocal (Track 4)