Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Andreas Scotty Böttcher - Electric Symphony (in several movements) 2018

"Electrtic Symphony" is meant as a work in several directly connected movements with no breaks in between. Some older MP3 players don't play this album like this but make always a little break of maybe half a second before every track marker. If this is your experience with your MP3-player or Windows Media Player just click my name at the left side on top (below the album title) and then choose the other version of this album that is called "Electric Symphony (as one track)". 

This audio preview makes these breaks too, but it has no influence to what your device does…

1. Rise 06:04
2. Hope 04:04
3. Why ? 04:46
4. Ohio Message One 01:58
5. Poem 03:43
6. Ohio Message Two 01:59
7. Love 01:49
8. Club 06:13
9. Faith 04:58
10. Ohio Message Reprise 03:19

Friedbert Wissmann: MO8 Synthesizer, Drumcomputer
Lisa Bella Donna: Drums

Andreas Scotty Böttcher, Friedbert Wissmann (MO8 Synthesizer, Drumcomputer), Lisa Bella Donna (Drums / including drum mix)

Andreas Scotty Böttcher with MAGIX Samplitude

Aguste Rodin (1840 - 1917) "Grande main de pianiste"

COVER DESIGN: blattwerk | dd , MHFischer