Saturday, June 2, 2018

Håkon Skogstad TWO HANDS TO TANGO CD Release Tuesday, June 19th 6PM Argentine Consulate

Håkon Skogstad 
CD Release Show
Tuesday,  June 19th 6pm 
Consulate General of Argentina

Free (RSVP

12 W 56thSt bet  5th  & 6thAve NYC

Håkon Skogstad  SOLO PIANO

1. LOS MAREADOS (J.C.Cobian/E. Cadicamo) 5:28
2. SENTIMIENTO TANGUERO (Lucio Demare) 4:02
3. TANGO DEL ANGEL-Homenaje a Leopoldo Federico y su orquesta (A.Piazzolla) 4:16
4. MILONGA IMPROMPTU (H.M.Skogstad) 2:45
5. FELICIA (E.Saborido) 4:39
6. SUR (H.Manzi/A.Troilo) 4:59
7. NORTE (H.M.Skogstad) 6:34
8. EL MARNE (E.Arolas) 3:11
9. CANARO EN PARIS (J.Caldarella/A. Scarpino) 3:08
10. TRISTEZAS DE UN DOBLES-Homenaje a Astor Piazzolla (H.M.Skogstad) 10:36

Award winning pianist from Norway specializing in classical music and Argentine tango. Concert experience in USA, Argentina, Germany, Sweden and Norway. Professional pianist, chamber musician, accompanist, teacher, arranger and composer. Lives in Trondheim, Norway.

A performer of tango music I have always been fascinated by the unique sound of the bandoneón and how the instrument is used in solo arrangements and compositions. Performing together with bandoneón players and writing for the instrument as an arranger/composer has inspired me to adapt some of the techniques and interpretational aspects into my own piano playing. Iwanted to see if I could incorporate the multilayered, flowing and improvisational manner of playing - constantly changing focus be- tween the bass, chords, and melodic structures, rather than trying do all at once as often as possible like an orchestral reduction. This approach can be heard throughout the album and is taken to the extreme in El Marne, which is a bandoneón arrangement adapted for the piano. The melting point is the tribute composition “Tristezas de un doble S” where Piazzolla’s «Alfred Arnold» bandoneón is replaced by the «Steinway and Sons».

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