Saturday, June 2, 2018

Chelsea Lee (feat. Will Vinson) - Midnight Cowboy (June 13, 2018)

This record was not born to be perfect. Here it lies; a vulnerable representation of impurity and emotion one embraces through melancholy. 

As artists, we tend to struggle with heightened levels of emotion and sorrow, whilst creating artwork to best display our state of mind and heartache against the scrutiny of others. Nothing is meant to be completely perfect, yet we are expected to mask our flaws and present a golden set of morals. This album is an open window into my mind. 

Each composition exposes a vein of relentless heartbreak, paired with a sound of both darkness and susceptibility. Thom Yorke once spoke, 'I cannot write what I do not know', and that is something I completely agree with.

'MIDNIGHT COWBOY' inhabits an outlaw personality, which follows no rules.

1. A Strange Evil 01:47
2. Bittersweet (feat. Will Vinson) 07:07
3. Dark Violet Dream 06:48
4. The Dog Has Thorns 05:53
5. Jewelweed (feat. Will Vinson) 05:54
6. My Lover 03:29
7. Yorke Light 05:59
8. Midnight Cowboy 02:32

Will Vinson, Django Rowe, Dylan Kuerschner, Angus Mason, WizardTone Studios, James Brown, Jarrad Payne, Helpmann Academy