Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Wout Gooris Trio & Chisholm/Vann - Some Time (2018)

Wout Gooris has an instinct for tranquility. His 2016 release voor Jef was music made for the first moments of morning, when the sun is just shaking the sleep from its eyes, and a calm hush hangs over the world. Album opener “Fata Morgana” is a gentle sigh of melody, as comforting as it is serene, but from there, Some Time expands into livelier forms of expression, and sparks with life and busyness. Aiding that transformation is the addition of saxophonists Hayden Chisholm and Erwin Vann. And while the melodic textures they bring to the session are enchanting, it’s their harmonic contributions that give this music a greater presence than Gooris’s previous offering. It’s a welcome change, and brings to light facets only hinted at on voor Jef. It’s something best represented on the album finale “Lullaby,” the way the tune escalates from a familiar tranquility up to a temperature with enough heat to burn.

1. Fata Morgana 04:30
2. 't Wout 05:36
3. Rêver 08:10
4. Earthlings 06:52
5. Chant 07:11
6. Close 05:51
7. Open 06:31
8. Lullaby 05:00

Hayden Chisholm - Alto Saxophone
Erwin Vann - Tenor Saxophone
Nathan Wouters - Double Bass
Stijn Cools - Drums

Recorded by Ted Masseurs at Audioworkx on July 8 & 9, 2016 
Mixed by Stijn Cools 
Mastered by Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis 
Artwork by Stefaan Claeys aka Stanley Casfea 
Graphic Design by Marie Sledsens