Tuesday, May 1, 2018

NPO Trio: Meg Okura / Sam Newsome / Jean-Michel Pilc - Live At The Stone (CHANT RECORDS 2018)

NPO Trio (Meg Okura, Sam Newsome, and Jean-Michel Pilc) is a group of like-minded friends celebrating their freedom of expression through music and sounds. Within the context of experimental music, the group weaves through musical idioms of jazz and classical – Romantic to Atonal, blues to free jazz.

1. A Four Forty 05:58
2. Bells, Whistles and Sirens 05:01
3. Oyfn Pripetchik-ish 07:16
4. Travels 06:26
5. Exodus and Emancipation 08:47
6. Pleading 05:37
7. Unkind Gestures 06:54
8. Yiddish Mama No Tsuki 18:54

NPO stands for Newsome, Pilc, Okura. soprano-saxophone master Sam Newsome, jazz pianist and Guggenheim fellow composer Jean-Michel Pilc, and jazz composer and violinist Meg Okura create the world of improvisational music which draws influences from different genres of music – from Romantic to Atonal, blues to Free jazz, from Yiddish and Japanese melodies to Coltrane.