Sunday, May 6, 2018

Nuance Crusaders - Reflections

MARK R. BALDRIDGE has created the ensemble NUANCE CRUSADERS  to realize his compositions, a unique fusion of jazz ranging from pop to World music.  He has  studied with legendary educator James Dutton, Willie Pickens, Frank Dawson, Mark O’Connor, and Chris  Madsen, and Steve Hashimoto refining and arranging his growing body of compositions. In 2016, with Hashimoto co-producing, he released his first CD of original works, “Beginnings.” This was also the début of his project/group The Nuance Crusaders, a floating ensemble consisting of some of the finest players in Chicago, including Michael Levin, Leandro Lopez- Varady, Heath Chappell, Neal Alger, Diane Delin, Barry Winograd, Steve Koerner, Amy Yassinger and Darryl Boggs. This is the second CD “Reflections” released on the Blujazz label.

1 Soon We Will Be Together (feat. Michael Levin, Leandro Lopez-Varady, Heath Chappell & Steven Hashimoto) 4:00
2 Our Love (feat. Michael Levin, Heath Chappell, Leandro Lopez-Varady, Steven Hashimoto, Neal Alger, Steve Koerner & Barry Winograd) 5:30
3 Jelly (feat. Steven Hashimoto, Heath Chappell, Michael Levin, Neal Alger & Diane Delin) 4:37
4 Swinging in the Wind (feat. Heath Chappell, Steven Hashimoto, Steve Koerner, Barry Winograd, Michael Levin & Leandro Lopez-Varady) 3:38
5 Parents' grace (feat. Michael Levin, Heath Chappell, Steven Hashimoto & Leandro Lopez-Varady) 4:50
6 It Does Not Matter (feat. Diane Delin, Neal Alger, Leandro Lopez-Varady, Steven Hashimoto & Heath Chappell) 4:38
7 I Know It Will Be Better (feat. Michael Levin, Heath Chappell, Leandro Lopez-Varady & Steven Hashimoto) 7:18
8 Reflections in a Mirror (feat. Michael Levin, Steven Hashimoto, Heath Chappell & Leandro Lopez-Varady) 4:04
9 Brazilian Fantasy (feat. Darryl Boggs, Steven Hashimoto, Heath Chappell, Michael Levin & Leandro Lopez-Varady) 3:50
10 Giving (feat. Leandro Lopez-Varady, Steven Hashimoto, Michael Levin & Heath Chappell) 9:03
11 I Know It Will Be Better / Big Band Version (feat. Swing City Express Big Band) 3:05