Sunday, May 6, 2018

Eastern Boundary Quartet - Live at Jazzforum Bayreuth (2018)

Jazzforum Bayreuth, Germany is the location of this 2016 performance by the Eastern Boundary Quartet featuring Balazs Bagyi (drums), Mihaly Borbely (sax, tarogato), Joe Fonda (bass), and Michael Jefry Stevens (piano). All of the songs were originals – two compositions from each player. The tarogato is a woodwind instrument that visibly resembles a clarinet or sax and it gives some songs an Eastern flavor. The program is a step or so away from mainstream, straight ahead jazz but it is not difficult listening. There are some stretches and some wonderful moments as well.

1. Allegretto (Continuity Suite) 09:13
2. Tempo Rubato (Continuity Suite) 06:14
3. Turtle Waltz 04:57
4. GS#2 12:52
5. Be By Me Tonight 09:08
6. Fogoska (Tag) 09:01
7. First Thought 05:45
8. There's Too Much Sorrow Today 06:38