Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Kotka - Plateaux (UNSEEN RAIN Records 2018)

Centered in Madrid, Kotka is an improvising trio with truly international players. Guitarist Guillermo Bazzola (Argentina), double-bassist Risto Vuolanne (Finland) and drummer Fernando Lamas (Spain) offer their first Unseen Rain release with marvelous music and fascinating interplay.

Kotka is creation in the purest sense, without stylistic or national boundaries.

Finnish bassist Risto Vuolanne has long lived in Spain and is the leading double bassist in the Galician Symphony Orchestra. A couple of years ago, he founded Kotka with Argentine guitarist Guillermo Bazzola and Spanish drummer Fernando Lamas creating a formidable trio of improvising musicians.

1. Plateau I 06:35
2. Plateau II 07:10
3. Plateau III 07:14
4. Plateau IV 09:02
5. Plateau V 05:51
6. Plateau VI 05:16
7. Plateau VII 05:45

Guilermo Bazzola electric guitar and effects
Risto Vuolanne double-bass and effects
Fernando Lamas drums and percussion

All music was spontaneously created and performed by Kotka

Recorded (July 27, 2014) and mixed by Guilermo Bazzola, GNU Town Studio, Madrid, Spain
Mastered by Jim DeSalvo, Beanstudio, Wayne, NJ
Front cover painting by Tom Cabrera
Inside photos by Isabel González
Cover design by Qua’s Eye Graphix
Produced by Guillermo Bazzola