Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Janczarski & McCraven Quintet - Liberator (FOR TUNE 2018)

It was once said: Jazz was discovered by Afro-Americans… for white Europeans. It was still that way in the 1950’s, but the following decades annulled that state of affairs. This is because Jazz has managed to create an incredible space for musicians of all geographical latitudes and longitudes; this CD is yet more evidence of that. Borders and barriers have remained in the background, and the listener quickly succumbs to the charm of transparent compositions, distinctly outlined by two horns, vigorously and precisely supported from beginning to end by an attentive and highly cooperative rhythm section. And the pianist – for me, a discovery. She’s assertive, but not domineering, thoroughly grounded in Jazz tradition, like all of the other musicians, and just as bold as they are. The symbol of Liberator obligates – and Jazz, as always, this time once again, emancipates.

(Jerzy Stępień, PSJ)

1.The Torn Veil 15:09
2.The Spark (for Jasia) 10:04
3.Sweet Love of Mine 09:09
4.Daddy's Bounce 08:47
5.Hambone / Intertwining Spirits 11:14
6.I Want To Talk About You 06:55
7.Love Is 08:59

Borys Janczarski – tenor saxophone
Stephen McCraven – drums, body
Joanna Gajda – piano
Adam Kowalewski – double bass
Rasul Siddik – trumpet, flutes, percussion, vocals