Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SATOMI - Groovaround (2018)

SATOMI is an italian-based jazz trio, born from the cooperation between bassist Mattia Palagi and drummer Valentino Vitali.

The music on "Groovaround" comes from old and new ideas that Mattia developed and shared with Valentino and the guitarist Simone Lobina.

The result is the convergence and blending of the three different personalities into a mix of contemporary jazz with world contaminations.

1. Dave and I 06:25
2. Quello storto d'un Fusankacido 07:46
3. Percussive loop 05:53
4. Divano blues 08:06
5. Giro in tondo 05:17

Mattia Palagi - Bass
Valentino Vitali - Drums
Simone Lobina - Guitar

Recording - Diego Lana, Andrea Martinovic
Mixing - Andrea Martinovic
Mastering - Stevan Martinovic