Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Extra Large Unit - More Fun Please (CATALYTIC SOUND 2018)

With a cast of 27 members, Paal Nilssen-Love's 'More Fun Please' more than doubles the Large Unit ensemble in size. This piece was commissioned for the Only Connect festival in Oslo and marks PNL records 40th release.

1. More Fun, Please 33:28

LARGE UNIT: Klaus Holm: Alto Saxophone: Bb Clarinet • Mats Äleklint: Trombone • Per Åke Holmlander: Tuba • Jon Rune Strøm: Acoustic Bass • Christian Meaas Svendsen: Acoustic Bass • Tommi Keránen: Electronics, Conduction • Andreas Wildhagen: Drums • Paal Nilssen-Love: Drums, Conduction 

INTUITIVE PEOPLE: Julie Helgeland Davidsen: Flute, Picolo Flute • Reindert Spanhove: Tenor Saxophone • Markus Dvergastein: Guitar • Torunn Hofstad: Violin • Maria Quevedo Meloni: Cello • Rebekka Eikefet: Cello • Torstein Johansen: Acoustic Bass • Håkon Bjørgo: Acoustic Bass • Tatia Chikovani: Piano • Joao Grilo: Piano • Shayila Mahestuti: Piano • Ásta Sofia Thorrgeirsdóttir: Accordion • Mykola Sheremeta: Accordion • Kalle Moberg: Accordion • Richard Köster: Trumpet, Conduction • Edo Hayek: French Horn • Eirik Sanner: Euphonium • Mats Hägerlind: Trombone • Magnus Breivik Løvseth: Tuba • Torgrim Halse: Percussion. 

All music by Paal Nilssen-Love (TONO/Cien Fuegos). 
Recorded live in concert at Sentralen, Oslo, Norway on the 20th of May 2017, as a commissoned piece by Ny Musikk for the Only Connect festival, with support from Arts Council Norway. 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Brynildsen Obermayer. Produced by Paal Nilssen-Love.


May 20
Brighton, UK

Jun 23
Madison, WI