Monday, April 23, 2018

Paul Grabowsky (feat. Scott Tinkler, Erkki Veltheim, Peter Knight, Philip Rex & Dave Beck) - Moons of Jupiter (2018)

What an incredible band to be part of. The album is out and gigs have been amazing. Check it out here

Hailed as “a monumental work by musicians of great stature” (AusJazz), this project heralds a new direction and new music from Paul Grabowsky, and a renewal of one of the most important relationships in his musical career, with the astounding trumpeter Scott Tinkler plus Erkki Veltheim violin, Dave Beck drums, Phil Rex bass, Peter Knight electronics. 

Experimenting with tempo and metre, Moons of Jupiter explores the frontiers of contemporary art music, jazz and experimental rock.

1. Amalthea 14:41
2. Thebe 12:08
3. Europa 07:18
4. Io 08:11
5. Callisto 12:47
6. PasiphaeI 13:16
7. Ganymede 09:54