Monday, April 23, 2018

Chris Kelsey / Jack DeSalvo - Live at Magnolia's (UNSEEN RAIN Records 2018)

Chris Kelsey and Jack DeSalvo have been performing and recording together since they met at the Bunker in the East Village in the early 90s. In 2012 they played Sundays at Magnolia's, a restaurant in Pawling NY owned and run at the time by Kelsey and his wife Lisa. Here the duo perform riveting versions of Monk tunes (Blue Monk, Bemsha Swing, Friday the 13th and Nutty) a piece each by Sonny Rollins (Doxy) and Wayne Shorter (Footprints) and two tracks improvised on the spot (Yonder Train 1 and 2) that have all the integrity of pre-composed music.

1. Blue Monk 05:44
2. Doxy 05:34
3. Yonder Train 1 09:52
4. Yonder Train 2 08:14
5. Footprints 08:36
6. Bemsha Swing 08:04
7. Friday the 13th 07:39
8. Nutty 05:12

Chris Kelsey - soprano sax
Jack DeSalvo - guitar

Recorded live at Magnolia's, Pawling, New York by Chris Kelsey
Mastered by Jim DeSalvo