Thursday, April 26, 2018

Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex - Thirsty Ears (CATALYTIC SOUND 2018)

Terp Improv. Series IS-29 

1. Sound
2. Cyatchy
3. Gilded Flurries
4. Some Hubbub
5. Let's Go Out
6. Netherbends
7. Who's Knocking?
8. Amicable Plops
9. Fog Hunt

All music improvised by Jaap Blonk and Terrie Ex. Text of 'Sound' and 'Let's Go Out' by Jaap Blonk, English translations by Willem Groenwegen. Recorded & mixed by Kasper Frenkel at Electric Monkey Studio, Amsterdam on Dierendag, October 4, 2017. Mastered by Arnold de Boer. Artwork and layout: Emma Fischer.