Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dikeman / Allemano / Baggiani / Svirsky - The 2nd Path To NowHere (FLEA BOY RECORDS 2018)

The 2nd Path To NowHere” was released on February 21, 2018 by “FLEA BOY RECORDS”. Album was recorded by interesting and original jazz masters – Lina Allemano (trumpet), John Dikeman (tenor sax), Leo Svirsy (piano) and Marcos Baggiani (drums). All these four musicians are creative and talented jazz musicians – their original and innovative playing style is full of unpredictable stylistic waves, spontaneous musical decisions, extraordinary and dynamic sound and many other things. Because of creative, fascinating and interesting improvising the musicians are famous and active members of avant-garde jazz scene – they are concerting in various world countries, playing and collaborating together with other various avant-garde jazz masters. Their playing style is based on synthesis of different jazz styles – avant-garde jazz, free-jazz, creative jazz and other experimental jazz styles are combined together with bebop, post-bop, hard-bop and other intonations of modern and traditional jazz styles. Musicians masterfully combine all these elements together in one place and create energetic, active, vivid, gorgeous and bright sound.

This album compositions have original and dynamic sound. The synthesis between avant-garde jazz, bebop, hard-bop, post-bop, some intonations of cool and various traditional jazz styles, are the main element of this album compositions. Free, wild and spontaneous collective improvisations are full of different stylistic waves, unpredictable and sudden turns and surprises. All four musicians are improvising passionately and expressively. Trumpet melodies by Lina Allemano are full of many different musical language elements, which are masterfully combined together. Wild fast and furious solos, aggressive, provocative, rigorous and very sharp sounds, powerful and vibrant blow outs, stunning musical experiments and special effects are gently combined together with soft, memorable, melodic and romantic melodies.

She tries out many innovative and experiment ways of playing – organically combines together sudden and colorful trills, virtuosic and wild fast passages, gorgeous and interesting glissando and other traditional playing techniques with experimental and fascinating methods of playing. The improvisations by Lina Allemano are unpredictable and dynamic – the sound is always changing and never stays the same. Musician express many different moods, characters and create contrasting music elements – the sound of their improvisations sometimes is soft, lyrical and nostalgic or  very dramatic, loud, powerful and vibrant.

From the silent, abstract and subtle episodes her improvisations turn out to expressive, wild fast, harsh, sharp, dramatic, bright and turbulent culminations. Tenor sax improvisations by John Dikeman are as much expressive and interesting as trumpet melodies. Improviser also is playing especially expressive, bravely and creatively tries out new and unusual ways of playing, puts together many different music styles, which are the opposites to each other. His improvisations are based on contrasts – silent and extremely loud, vivacious and tragic, harsh and soft, depressive and joyful and many other different moods, characters and expressions are gently combined in his improvisations. Piano improvisations by Leo Svirsy are based on avant-garde jazz elements and form the harmonic basement of the compositions. Sharp, aggressive and provocative dissonances create dramatic, active, interesting and expressive harmonic background.

Virtuosic passages, turbulent and fascinating piano solos, wild fast passages and arpeggios, sudden glissando and many other traditional playing techniques are used together with innovative ways of playing. Marcos Baggiani drums form and keep firm, outstanding and solid bass line and drum section. His improvisations gently fit together with other musicians playing – for the most of the time he improvises very expressive, vivid, passionate and striking.

Marcos Baggiani  improvisations have especially rich and bright musical pattern, are contained by many different types of rhythms and basic rhythmic formulas of various jazz styles. Album improvisations have bright, vivacious, vivid, deep and vibrant sound.

1. The 2nd Path To NowHere 14:15
2. Mr. John abrió la puerta 06:57
3. BAM! 03:14
4. Under Leo's Sign 05:18
5. Dialogen 01:29
6. Popolocotocopoco 06:49
7. A Rare Sweetness 02:28
8. The Beginning 08:10

Lina Allemano: Trumpet
John Dikeman: Tenor sax
Leo Svirsy: Piano
Marcos Baggiani: Drums