Sunday, February 18, 2018

Peter Kuhn Trio – Intention (FMR RECORDS 2018)

The Peter Kuhn Trio is back with Intention, in this exciting new release on FMR Records.

In this music, Kuhn, Motl, and Hubbard display an ever-deepening rapport and nuanced communication that reflects their clear commitment to musical excellence as individuals and a working trio.

Firmly grounded in a number of traditions, musical and otherwise, the music on this record develops from the seed of intention. Every stroke, breath, or pluck is placed just so; with meaning and purpose: to honestly reflect the fragility, resilience and grandeur of our human experience, expressing the inexpressible tapestry of life and our collective capacity for spiritual awakening. This music is a cry for our planet and all beings, encouraging us to embrace the moment with an ever-deepening intention.

May this music aid listeners in achieving freedom from duality through the opening of the ears and softening of the heart. Released from attachment, may we harmonize with all; growing our compassion, helping one another to find freedom from afflictions.

Peter Kuhn is a survivor of the NYC Loft scene where he played and performed with the likes of William Parker, Billy Bang, Frank Lowe, Lester Bowie and Denis Charles. After well-received albums on Hat Hut and Soul Note records he found his career derailed by drug addiction.

With decades of recovery and a dedicated Zen practice Kuhn’s return has been marked by a vibrancy and depth that bears the mark of his life experiences unencumbered by aspirations of fame or fortune. “The music insists on being played”, he explains. Recent recordings and performances include collaborations with Alex Cline, Abbey Rader, Eddie Gale, Dave Sewelson, William Parker and Gerald Cleaver.

In this trio Kuhn has found stalwart collaborators in master musicians Motl and Hubbard; both prolific composers and bandleaders in their own right. The trio’s years of experience playing and performing together is evident in the deep listening, dynamic chemistry and development of their music in this offering.

Their much heralded debut release, The Other Shore on NoBusiness Records, was a triumphant return for Mr. Kuhn and included on “Best of 2016” lists by a number of prominent Jazz reviewers including Cisco Bradley of Jazz Right Now, Paul Acquaro of The Free Jazz Collective, Derek Taylor of Dusted Magazine, Robert Bush’s Sound San Diego and Tom Hull – On The Web.

“Kuhn’s every bit as vibrant as he was as a force on the avant scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s! As before, Kuhn handles a lot of -flat and bass clarinet- but he also blows a bit of tenor and alto too – shaping sounds in very open territory, in a trio with Kyle Motl on bass and Nathan Hubbard on drums, in a mix of freedom and spirituality...” - Dusty Groove, Jazz Chill

“Kuhn’s present work on The Other Shore is relaxed and assured. His bass clarinet is capable of languid insouciance or corkscrew runs. His tenor can be as slack as a junkie on the nod, as on “unstrung heroes,” or hard-edged. Nathan Hubbard’s drums push against Kuhn, while bassist Kyle Motl is both percussive and harmonically challenging to the horns.” - Kirk Silsbee, Downbeat

1 Intention 4:33
2 ChaWang 6:31
3 The Stream 4:47
4 Perception Deception 5:45
5 The Path 5:11
6 Arise 4:49
7 Gift In The Wound 5:46
8 Resilience 8:00
9 Disaster And After 4:19

Bass – Kyle Motl
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Peter Kuhn
Drums – Nathan Hubbard