Friday, February 2, 2018

Gianni Vancini - Get Your Groove On (ALFA MUSIC 2018)

AlfaMusic announces the release of the album Get Your Groove On, scheduled for the beginning of 2018. Gianni Vancini’s record (he has been several times in the American charts of Billboard, etc), has been entirely recorded in Los Angeles, and boasts all internationally renowned musicians and special guests.

“Gianni Vancini has a unique and wonderful relationship with the Saxophone! He can make you feel so many memorable moments, as the music comes straight from his heart and soul. Gianni’s music is so may things, crisp, refreshing, exciting,soulful, tender and filled with great passion! “Get Your Groove On” is an album brimming with amazing music featuring artists such as Terry Wollman, Greg Manning, Selina Abright, Jeff Lorber, Kenya Hathaway, Kirk Whalum and Alex Al … all whom contribute to this totally fantastic album, making it a Top Favourite with me!!! Gianni is passionate and professionalabout his music, this is shown in his ability to create such a wonderful masterpiece for us to appreciate and enjoy!” David Snashfold – Founder of Smooth Jazz Appreciation Society (London – UK)


Ricky Lawson: Drums
Alex Al: Bass
Darryl Williams: Bass
James East: Bass
Stan Sargeant: Acoustic Bass
Darrell Crooks: Guitar
Sheldon Reynolds: Guitar
Greg Manning: Keys


Kenya Hathaway: Vox
Terry Wollman: Guitar
Jeff Lorber: Fender Rhodes
Selina Albright: Vox
Kirk Whalum: Tenor Saxophone
Renato Falaschi: Acoustic Piano
Earl Buffington: Vox