Monday, February 12, 2018

Brazzmatazz - Turbolence (February 23rd, DHM Records 2018)

Warning: this CD might cause slightly more turbulence than your local fanfare

After a well received first EP “HUA!”, Brazzmatazz now releases its debut album. “Turbolence” grew into a twelve-sided brassband beast that gnarls, barks and bites, but manages to build tensions back up at the right time. With this album the band wants to show their versatility while retaining their signature sound, urging the orchestra to more unconventional noises. In a tongue-in-cheek way, they mash up traditions with more modern influences, electronic and other.

These previous years Brazzmatazz had the honour of playing Belgium's finest stages in the club- and festival circuit, gaining them a reputation as an ecclectic and thrilling live band . In 2016 their hometown of Ghent awarded them as “Best Street Act” in the renowned Ghent Festival.

2018 also brings them a new and improved show, with brand new costumes and stage props in their characteristic steampunk style.

This CD will be released February 23rd at club Charlatan, Ghent, more information can be found through our website or social media profiles.

Friday, 23 February
CD Release Party - Turbolence

Fri, 23 February, 19:00 – 20:00

Charlatan, Vlasmarkt 6, 9000 Gent, België (map)

Band members:

Sanne Werkers: musical director

Dylan Meersman: trumpet, flugelhorn

Leen Bervoets: trumpet

Jany Van Lul: trumpet

Maarten Vanhoucke: trombone

Pieter Verraes: trombone

Jasper Braeckman: trombone

Kwinten Van De Keere: alto sax

Liesbeth Vleminckx: alto sax

Bauke Meersman: tenor sax

Stein Nuyts: tenor sax

Mathias Van Severen: baritone sax

Joris Meys: baritone sax

Wim Michels: bass tuba

Klaas De Koninck: snaredrum

Jonathan Glorie: bassdrum

Tars Van Der Vaerent: percussion