Friday, January 26, 2018

World Electric Band - Confusion (IRMA RECORDS 2018)

The W.E.B., multi-instrumental duo of jazz fusion area, were born in Modena in 2012.

The Band is composed by Gabriele Leucci (Guitars, guitar synth, vocals, loops, ..) and Marco Carnevali (batteries, percussion, marketing, management, ..).

After years of live performances in various north-central clubs and collaboration with different national artists, the musical research of the W.E.B. it is developed with the realization of the first album named: "CONFUSION" 

The title of the CD anticipates the strongly experimental and deliberately "confusing" character that is manifest: the desire to merge the cultural origins of the jazz fusion of the 90s with the more current languages of electronics, creative base to explore new musical landscapes, without but forget the passion for the Latin jazz sounds.

1 Time Disk
2 Big Trance
3 Con Fusion
4 Cantaloupe Island
5 Autumn Dreams
6 November Song
7 Romantic Fuse
8 New Time to Go
9 Sheila
10 Song for Paris
11 Disco Time