Friday, January 26, 2018

Szymon Brzóska - Migrations (ODRADEK RECORDS 2018)

Szymon Brzóska’s music has frequently been inspired by other art forms, particularly that of contemporary dance. Yet the nature of the music, whilst often evocative, even impressionistic, is not programmatic, and therefore need not be married to its original source. Rather, Brzóska’s oeuvre works just as effectively presented, as here, as a series of stand-alone chamber works, independent of their original contexts. On this disc, the listener is afforded the opportunity of travelling with this music in new directions – different, perhaps from the images, the shapes of the dancers, the artistic ideas, initially connected with the music, but as vividly felt by each person who takes the time to engage with these scores.

Szymon Brzóska has always been drawn towards collaborations with different art forms, composing for film, theatre and visual art. His musical style falls somewhere between contemporary avant-garde and expanded tonality with touch of minimalism.

Eventually his interest focussed on contemporary dance, and seven years of working with choreographers inspired in Szymon Brzóska a specific musical language, slightly different from his autonomous works – more emotional, somehow very pure and honest, often inspired by “holy minimalism”. A minimal structural approach, well suited to movement, added a specific character to this music, as can be heard on this disc.

The chamber works collected on this disc span the nervous energy of minimalism to the rich chromaticism of Expressionism. Each piece is structured with clarity and intimacy, drawing the listener in, taking us on an exhilarating journey or offering moments of contemplation.

Originally from Poland, Szymon Brzóska graduated from the Music Academy in Poznań, Poland and from the Royal Flemish Conservatory in Antwerp, Belgium. His compositions, inspired by a range of prestigious collaborations, have been performed across the globe, in venues such as Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Lincoln Centre and BAM in New York, Esplanade in Singapore and at the Festival D’Avignon.