Friday, January 19, 2018

Philippe Mall - Hydra (UNIT RECORDS 2018)

Philippe Mall's "Hydra" presents itself in a new, high-profile cast, almost all of the members come from the Basel area. They play only originals by Philippe Mall. The sound gives all four elements plenty of room to unfold their own voice. The vibraphone. in its dual function as a solo and accompaniment instrument plays a very special role. Sometimes earthy jazz comes about, then again there is a lot of room for harmonious, even esoteric sounds. All this mixes into a homogenous body of sound that makes the band unique. The five instruments act like the heads of the Hydra. Sometimes one is missing and already this creates a new structure. A change of sound and dynamics.

1 Saloum
2 Bali
3 Nice Place
4 Obolus
5 For the One You Love
6 Le je n'est pas le moi
7 Miniature
8 The Long Way Out
9 Weit Weit Weg
10 Nordlicht
11 Quintana

All compositions by Philippe Mall
Recorded and edited by Temp- music 2015
Mixed and mastering by Benjamin Gut/ idee & klang