Monday, December 11, 2017

David Friesen - Structures (ORIGIN RECORDS 2017)

"One of the most eminent exponents of the instrument, he maintains an astonishing level of virtuosity." LOS ANGELES TIMES

With 50 years of designing sublime musical architecture where risk-taking, rhythmic rapport, originality, and giving of oneself to the music are the vital ingredients, legendary bassist David Friesen has reached a creative pinnacle. The two-disc set, "Structures," highlights his capacities and his original compositions through duos with two dynamic improvisors he's partnered with over the years. Disc One offers saxophonist Joe Manis and Friesen in a live duo performance in Ukraine while on tour in early 2017. On Disc Two, David carries on with an eclectic musical relationship started back when master guitarist Larry Koonse was still a student. Together they have created an intimate album, sharing conversations full of vitality, warmth, and great musical respect.

"Few solo musicians on any instrument have made music as powerful and deeply moving as David Friesen." - Oakland Tribune


1. Wrinkle 4:41
2. Basic Strategy 4:56
3. Brilliant Heart* 5:11
4. Martin's balcony 2:56
5. Left Field Blues 3:26
6. New Hope* 3:41
7. Roof Tops 4:45
8. Seam Line 6:11
9. Going Forth* 6:14
10. Lament for the Lost/Procession 8:16


1. Make Believe 4:12
2. New Hope 4:16
3. Romantic 3:45
4. Quietly Unfolding 4:18
5. Alaskan Waters 4:25
6. Undisclosed 5:20
7. At Last, At Rest 4:05
8. Passage 3:58
9. My Faith, My Life 4:07

David Friesen - Hemage bass, piano 
Joe Manis - tenor & soprano saxophones 

David Friesen - Hemage bass 
Larry Koonse - electric guitar