Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Paul Giallorenzo Trio - Flow (DELMARK RECORDS 2017)

For his second Delmark release, pianist and composer Paul Giallorenzo does more with less, assembling a classic piano trio backed by masters of jazz minimalism, Joshua Abrams and Mikel Patrick Avery. The writing’s not sparse: there are notes on notes, hummable heads, surprising solos, and a harmonic conception of frequently startling complexity. But it’s always for the purpose of advancing the music. Covering wide terrain, from high energy polytonal swing to abstract blues to free- form invention, this trio is in tune in the truest sense, creating music that’s embedded in the jazz tradition with a sound that’s both singular and forward-thinking.

1. A-Frollick-Ing 4:31
2. Fractures 5:29
3. Rolling 7:31
4. Interstice 5:49
5. OverUnder 5:40
6. Flipd Scrip 10:04
7. Darkness 6:43
8. Lightness 5:15
9. A Way We Go 3:59