Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Luigi Mangiocavallo (Mangiocavallo Project) - The Dark Side of the Trio (2017)

The CD collects original compositions by Cesare Mangiocavallo and Luigi Mangiocavallo. Cesare began composing his pieces since he was 14 and continued until now.

After a collaboration with the great bassist Pietro Ciancaglini we decided to rearrange and assort a part of our compositions in this CD. As a result we have a quite eclectic set of pieces, showing different configurations of the jazz trio and ranging between various styles.

Overdubbing allowed Luigi playing violin on tracks 5, violin and viola on track 9 and Cesare playing vibraphone on track 9.

1 Meteor shower
2 We don't see
3 Have fun
4 Architeuthis
5 Trick town
6 Mister X
7 Dyxtonity
8 The dark side of the street
9 A Laura