Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Four Corners Quartet - The Four Corners Quartet (2017)

Originating from Jordan, USA, UK and Palestine, The Four Corners Quartet will take you somewhere you will have never been before. Shattering the traditional impression of a string quartet, they are a self-composing and improvising ensemble with an energy unheard to the jazz, world, or contemporary classical scene.

On 4/4 they release their debut EP - The Four Corners; four new works from their four corners of the world. The EP explores Arabic improvisations, Palestinian folk, Native American Choctaw hymnals, to a jazz cover arranged by the UK’s Mercury Nominated trio GoGo Penguin. 

Formed in 2014 at Berklee College of Music, their first recording of Eugene Friesen’s “Maracaibo” quickly became a YouTube sensation worldwide. Now they step out across boarders with their first record, promising to be an new evolution to their own traditions.

1. Shock and Awe arr. for String Quartet by GoGo Penguin 03:08
2. Zainab 07:00
3. Al Dal'Ona 05:18
4. I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages 04:28

Shock and Awe 
Composed by GoGo Penguin 
Arranged by Chris Illingworth, 2014 
From ‘V2.0’, on Gondwana Records, a Mercury Nominated Album of The Year 

Composed by Layth Sidiq, 2014 

Al Dal’ona 
Composed by Naseem Alatrash, 2014 

I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages 
Arranged by Ellen Melissa Story, 2014 

A Songololo Music Production: 
Mixing/Recording by Vicente Espi, Songololo Music 
Recording Assistants Pablo San Martin & Travis Karpak 
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner, M Works Mastering

Special thanks to Chris Illingworth, GoGo Penguin, Qattan Foundation, Berklee College of Music, Melissa Howe, Eugene Friesen, Sandy Kott, Jacques Cohen, Nathalie Botbol, and all other encouraging voices.