Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dimitar Liolev - Eastern Shadows (SLAM PRODUCTIONS 2017)

Young Bulgarian composer and saxophonist Dimitar Liolev mixes rhythms and ornaments of Balkan folk and jazz, with an impressive avantgarde and creative aproach. 

The strong rhythmic Bulgarian heritage and the creative and collective jazz improvisation together create an outstanding and quite unique band on the modern european jazz. 

Liolev's album 'Eastern Shadows' following his first album 'The Other Side' (BlueArt, 2012) and the second one 'Rhodopology' (Music Clinic Records, 2015), presents original compositions performed by some of the most well-known musicians of Balkan area, trumpeter Martin Tashev and drummer Dimitar Semov. With the international jazz experience of Italian bassist Massimiliano Rolff the music is a constant flow of energy.

Four talkers – (Liolev, Tashev,  Rolff, Semov) - 04'14"
Day One (Liolev) –  05'08"
Filipopolis (Liolev) - 07'20"
New song (Liolev) - 04'50"
Still wondering (Liolev) - 05'56"
Night hope – (Rolff) – 05'55"
At this moment (Liolev) - 06'16"
Jazz me (Liolev) - 05'09"
Eastern shadows - (Liolev, Tashev,  Rolff, Semov) - 05'52"

Dimitar Liolev – Alto Sax
Martin Tashev – Trumpet, Flugehorn, Vocals on track 9
Massimiliano Rolff – DoubleBass
Dimitar Semov - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Konstantin Katsarski at Blubabox Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria on 31 May 2015
Mastered Misjah van der Heiden at 24mastering Studio, Holland