Monday, July 24, 2017

Isamu McGregor - Resonance (feat. Bennie Maupin & Seamus Blake) GHOST NOTE RECORDS 2017

Resonance was recorded in New York and Los Angeles in May 2016, and will be released via Los Angeles-based music label Ghost Note Records on July 7. It features the three stellar musicians from my first record, Live at the Baked Potato: Evan Marien (bass), Gene Coye (drums) and Deen Anbar (guitar). Additionally, I'm thrilled that a couple guest musicians make appearances on the record: bass clarinet legend Bennie Maupin, and saxophone virtuoso Seamus Blake.

"At age 27, Isamu McGregor has established himself on a global scale as a highly sought-after pianist, keyboardist, musical director and arranger. Having toured the world over the last few years with an amazingly diverse group of artists (Richard Bona, Colbie Caillat, Virgil Donati, Sadao Watanabe), he has gradually been finding time between tours to work on his new album, Resonance, which will be released in May 2017 through LA-based Ghost Note Records. This will be his second album as a leader, following his 2012 debut Live at The Baked Potato, which received strong reviews from All About Jazz and other publications. 

While McGregor's first album was dominated by an electric/fusion sound that many characterized as a unique mix of Weather Report, Headhunters and Wayne Krantz, Resonance finds McGregor returning to a more acoustic setting. "I've always loved playing acoustic piano, but I found that people knew me mainly as a keyboard player, due to the nature of my first album. And while I love keyboards and electronics, it wouldn't be difficult for me to admit that acoustic piano is still my first passion."

1. The Dreamer 10:18
2. Relentless 07:22
3. Halfway There 06:28
4. Because 05:17
5. The Drifter 09:57
6. Thor vs James Brown 08:17
7. The Tao of Flying 08:17

The Dreamer. Evan Marien, Gene Coye 
Relentless. Seamus Blake, Evan Marien, Gene Coye 
Halfway There. Evan Marien, Gene Coye 
Because (no credits, it's solo piano) 
The Drifter. Bennie Maupin, Evan Marien, Gene Coye 
Thor vs James Brown .Deen Anbar, Evan Marien, Gene Coye 
The Tao of Flying. Evan Marien, Gene Coye