Friday, June 9, 2017

Triosence - Hidden Beauty (SONY MUSIC / OKEH RECORDS 2017)

TriosenceBernhard Schüler (piano) Matthias Nowak, Triosence - Hidden Beauty (SONY MUSIC / OKEH RECORDS 2017) Ingo Senst (bass) and Stephan Emig (drums) have caused a sensation within the music press for some years now. They have been called “the new leading standard”, “an example of musical trinity”, “a highlight that touches you deeply”, “their music makes the sun rise in the west” to name only a few of the positive responses to the trio.

Formed in 1999, triosence has won almost every Jazz competition there is to win in Germany. After receiving the 1st prize at the German federal competition “Jugend jazzt” they won the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) Jazz Festival Prize, a CD recording contract with the German national radio network “Deutschlandfunk”, the “Kulturförderpreis” of the city of Kassel and many more. Furthermore they were nominated for the German Record Review Award and for being the best newcomers of the German International Jazz Charts. Since their debut CD release of “First Enchantment”, in Japan the band has been regarded as one of the most successful newcomer jazz bands and the German magazine “stern” (star) calls them “the new faces of German Jazz”.

The “trio-essence” lies within the emancipation of piano, bass and drums, achieved by Bernhard Schüler’s original compositions and by the strong individuality of the three musicians. Each instrument can take the lead. Thus, they have a much wider spectrum of sound than traditional trios normally have. There are influences of Jazz, Fusion, Folk, Pop and World. The emphasis on melodies and their clarity creates a fresh and new style that the band has coined songjazz.

This not only satifies connoisseurs of jazz music, but also people having less background with jazz.

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