Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Falcor Ensemble - Green Millenium (EP) 2017

Falkor Ensemble (Israel) is an instrumental quartet that blends composed and improvised music to create a unique sound, dark and atmospheric.

Since the band’s formation in 2016, Falkor Ensemble has played dozens of shows in Israel and has recently recorded a debut EP. 

The ensemble’s original music blends together the worlds of modern jazz, 60's and classical music to create a unique mood to it.

This 4-piece EP is our first effort that we are so excited to release to the world. 

Inside you will find, hopefully, a little bit of the magic we felt while recording this music. Each tune on this EP has a story, a feel and an atmosphere behind it. The way we interpreted them while recording was aimed at giving this music as much freedom as possible to speak for itself. 

So, each time you press play, some magic is born. Peace!

1. Pushta 07:48
2. White Silence 06:22
3. Joyful Child 06:02
4. Green Millenium 06:15

Released June 5, 2017 

Recorded at HaOgen Studios 26 Dec. 2016 
Recording & Mixing by Eyal Mahabad 
Mastering by Steve Kitch at Audiomaster