Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ben Goldberg - From the Granary (BAG PRODUCTION RECORDS 2017)

I am spending the summer with a dozen other composers, poets, painters, and novelists in a castle in Italy called Civitella Rainieri. One of my goals while here is to develop pieces for solo clarinet so I'm sitting around with the microphone on. (Also trying to learn the basics of recording - thanks Adam Muñoz!) I made a Bandcamp album where I will post some of these pieces day-by-day. Right now it's called "From the Granary" because I'm living in the old granary here. The songs will be free, or you could pay a little if you like. I started with one song and will try to add one most days.

Released June 26, 2017 

01. A Little Morning Song 02:24
02. Flower Water 6 26 10:09