Monday, May 8, 2017

Vinnie Sperrazza - Juxtaposition (POSI-TONE RECORDS 2017)

Everyone is invited to expand their musical horizons and enjoy a musical exploration of “Juxtaposition" when drummer Vinnie Sperrazza bravely embarks on a novel and ambitious course with his first record as a bandleader for Posi-Tone. Sperrazza provides a contrast of strong rhythmic and harmonic concepts with unstoppably gentle melodic sensibility which help him to succeed in making bold statements of stunning musicianship. When placed in the hands of the capable accompaniment of saxophonist Chris Speed, pianist Bruce Barth and bassist Peter Brendler, Sperrazza conducts our ears through an exciting presentation of carefully crafted originals and cover compositions. Whether one is already familiar with the music of Sperrazza, or discovering him for the first time, "Juxtaposition" will surely intrigue and inspire imaginations into flights of fancy, and deliver bright moments of straight forward musical delight to listeners everywhere.

01. Chimes (V. Sperrazza) 
02. St. Jerome (V. Sperrazza) 
03. House On Hoxie Road (V. Sperrazza) 
04. Juxtaposition (V. Sperrazza)
05. Alter Ego (J. Williams) 
06. This Night This Song (T. Williams)
07. One Hour (V. Sperrazza) 
08. Somewhere (L. Bernstein) 
09. Warm Winter (V. Sperrazza) 
10. Hellenized (V. Sperrazza) 
11. Solitary Consumer (V. Sperrazza) 
12. Say The Secret Word (V. Sperrazza)

Vinnie Sperrazza - drums
Chris Speed - tenor sax
Bruce Barth - piano
Peter Brendler - bass