Monday, May 8, 2017

Amok Amor - We know not what we do (INTAKT RECORDS 2017)

You are gonna love this quartet", writes American journalist Kevin Whitehead. "This quartet was preceded by the Starlight trio of the Berlin players Christian Lillinger, Petter Eldh and Wanja Slavin, but Peter Evans is obviously a full partner in a new band. He brought some prime material, and shows uncanny range. His improvising is airy and abstract, tuneful, and tinged with the blues. His lines and Slavin's can be disarmingly lovely; the blend is bright and fizzy. 

The rhythm section is earth to their air: the nutty precision of abstract beat music echoes in Eldh's eloquent stutters and way of covering highs and lows in a single line, and in Lillinger's clarity at high speed; his sticks on snare can sound like dried peas poured on a metal sheet, every stroke distinct.

Yeah, they're all great, but this music is about how they come together, showing creative tradition some crazy love: amour run amok. Kevin Whitehead, Liner notes

1. Pulsar (Peter Evans) 8:31
2. Body Decline (Petter Eldh) 5:05
3. Brandy (Petter Eldh) 6:02
4. Alan Shorter (Peter Evans) 4:54
5. Trio Amok (Christian Lillinger) 4:05
6. Enbert Amok (Christian Lillinger) 5:18
7. The New Portal (Peter Evans) 6:26
8. Jazzfriendship (Wanja Slavin) 2:28
9. A Run Through the Neoliberalism (Christian Lillinger) 4:03

Christian Lillinger: Drums
Petter Eldh: Bass
Wanja Slavin: Saxophone
Peter Evans: Trumpet

Recorded in May 2016 by Marco Birkner at Studio H2 in Berlin, Germany. Mixed in February 2017 by Marck Fuck. 
Mastered in February 2017 by Klaus Scheuermann. 
Liner notes: Kevin Whitehead. Photo of cover art: László Moholy-Nagy. 
Graphic design: Jonas Schoder. Photo: Lukas Haemmerle. Executive producer: Anja Illmaier.
Produced by Amok Amor and Intakt Records, Patrik Landolt. Published by Intakt Records.