Friday, May 5, 2017

The Steve Plews Trio - The Importance of What Is Not (ASC RECORDS 2017)

This album is a tribute to pianist Steve Plews' relative Euphemia Allen, the composer of "Chopsticks", possibly the most famous piece of music for the piano (and most annoying!) ever written. Euphemia wrote Chopsticks at the age of 16 under the pseudonym Arthur de Lulli and was the sister of Steve's Great Uncle; Mozart Allen; the Scottish music publisher.

'The Importance of What is Not' contains two versions of Chopsticks, one arranged more in the style of Don Pullen or McCoy Tyner than the normal simplistic tune is traditionally heard. The second is a heartfelt tribute to Steve's Great Uncle, has a hint of Ravel and harmonic influences of one of Steve's heroes the late, great Paul Bley. The album is a mixture of specifically composed works and free improvisation. 

Steve's trio is completed by Gavin Barras on double bass (a regular member of Matthew Halsall's band) and Johnny Hunter on drums.

1. The Importance Of What Is Not 05:13
2. What Is This Thing Called Trust 06:55
3. The Importance Of What Is 04:54
4. Eastwaite Water 08:47
5. Posthumous Music 03:53
6. Chopsticks 04:45
7. Mussorgsky In Memphis 03:55
8. Lets Start At The End 08:59
9. 84 Carlton Place (Chopsticks) 03:22