Monday, May 22, 2017

Indian Air & Bob Mintzer - Rare Moments (ATS RECORDS 2017)

Since his first awareness of Indian music and the sitar more than 20
years ago, the Austrian musician Klaus Falschlunger has become a
master of the instrument and an active representative of the Indian-
Musicscene in Europe.The whole emotional spectrum of the
musician´s inner world comes alive in "INDIAN AIR".

He is accompanied by Clemens Rofner on doublebass, and by the
percussionist Tobias Steinberger on framedrums/ric/kanjira.Growing
up with jazz and rock music, he discovered in his extensive travels to
Asia, the Middle East and Europe, more and more the diversity of
music. Next to his love for Indian classical music, he composed and
experimented with different formations. His creativity and versatility
brought him together with many musicians and artists from India,
Korea, USA and Europe.

01 Not You , Not M e
02 New Earth *
03 Who Knows
04 In Silence
05 Rare Moments
06 Noah‘s First Breath *
07 In the City
08 City Hymn
09 Water : Fall

Klaus Falschlunger, Sitar
Clemens Rofner, Double Bass, Bass Ukulele
Tobias Steinberger, Percussion, Framedrums

Special guest
Bob Mintzer*- Soprano Saxophone