Friday, May 19, 2017

Guinga - Canção da Impermanência (ACOUSTIC MUSIC RECORDS 2107)

Songs of the passage of time – for those who love the gentle and musically savvy aspects of Brazilian music – the name Guinga must be familiar by now. And if not, then it should be.

On his third album recorded with Acoustic Music Records, the Brazilian guitar player and composer reveals all the intimacy of his musical world. Melancholy musical meanderings, a mix of fado and Brazilian traditions, Villa-Lobos and Tom Jobim. And yet, the sounds he produces and his compositions are individual, which is what makes him undoubtedly one of Brazil's most significant composers. The performer, i.e., the musician, appears to amalgamate completely with his guitar, again and again he uses his voice to onomatopoeically accompany and weave around his chordal and melodic sequences, he tracks his instrument, engages in a musical dialogue and blends the sound of the guitar and voice.  It's music like a gentle caress, a quiet breeze, a loving encounter.

The recording is intimate and close, with every change of grip audible; it has an acoustic authenticity to it that is truly unique.

Guinga, violão