Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Damaztra - Flag of Time (ILK MUSIC 2017)

Danstrup, Mazur and Tranberg are all well-known personalities on the Danish and international music scene. They have long ago made themselves known in widely different contexts – from the very top of jazz musicians to the more humble, experimenting venues.

On their first release together they have created a wild flower of music with colours, scents, thorns and shapes of all kinds. Most of the music is improvised, grading the music with a unique scenic, vivid and dramatic tone. The 3 musicians unfold themselves in a breath taking, vibrating room, and both the collective as well as the individual efforts are noteworthy. The depth and clarity in the overall sound makes the music present, and the musicians have taken themselves on an astonishing journey where nothing is inevitable.

01. Over the Fields 2:34
02. Sound Cooking 4:47
03. Hazy Gravity 3:53
04. Flag of Truce 3:47
05. Piblende 2:43
06. (Used to Be) Indecisive 2:59
07. Trialogue 2:36
08. Flag of Time 4:58
09. In Town 3:30
10. Deep Down 4:33
11. Take a Walk Inside 2:20
12. Forest View 1:04
13. Hidden Purpose 2:36
14. Waiting for Her Light 0:46