Thursday, May 11, 2017

Akashic Record - Big Bang (ROPEADOPE RECORDS 2017)

Holding it down in Boston for over ten years, Akashic Record returns with their second Ropeadope release - Big Bang - set to hit Friday May 5th. Big Bang continues the organ driven funk and soul sound that the band delivers with perfection. Brian Thomas on the trombone, Jared Sims on Baritone Sax, Steve Fell on Guitar, Peter MaClean on Drums, Darby Wolf on Piano, and of course Sam Gilman on the Organ. This is classic groove, tight and funky, just polished a little with plenty of grit. Dig it. 

1. Getting' Up 06:26
2. Keen Ambition 07:14
3. Big Bang 06:04
4. Hard Shelled Manner 05:40
5. Damned If You Do 05:44
6. Back Around 10:20

Brian Thomas - Trombone
Jared Sims - Baritone Saxophone
Steve Fell - Guitar
Sam Gilman - Organ
Darby Wolf - Clavinet & Piano
Peter Maclean - Drums