Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Red Planet with Bill Carrothers (SHIFTING PARADIGM RECORDS 2017)

“Carrothers’ feathery textures go nicely with the wave of effects Dean Magraw wrings from his guitar…bassist Chris Bates and drummer Jay Epstein spin the eruptions with aplomb.” – Star Tribune

In fall 2015, One of the area’s most innovative musical trios joined forces with one of the world’s most creative pianists at Creation Audio, recording their magnificent mayhem in front of a small live audience. Now the final product, Red Planet With Bill Carrothers, is ready for delivery, with a CD Release celebration over two nights in the Dunsmore Room at Crooners Lounge in suburban Minneapolis.

Dean Magraw, Chris Bates, and Jay Epstein–was described by the Artists Quarter as “creative jazz for the 21st Century, inviting you to put one ear on the launching pad of neo-bop Trane/Hendrix/Monk burn, and your other ear on the celestial weightlessness from the musical cosmos.” Searching the jazz galaxy for the past 15+ years, Red Planet, according to leader Dean, was the brainchild of Jay Epstein.  Over the years, Magraw notes that the trio has “gotten into more original music, as well as continuing to expand on the deep repertoire of John Coltrane, and  always showing some intense interest on expanding our Monk repertoire.” Red Planet released their debut recording, Space Dust, in 2011. Most recently they have appeared at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Jazz at Studio Z, Vieux.

1. Ann R Chi Suite 09:19
2. Big Nick 05:24
3. Come Dance With Me 03:28
4. Unseen Rain 06:24
5. Living Space 08:33
6. Music Is a Weapon of Hope and Healing 05:18
7. La Luna 08:08
8. Freedom For the Broken 02:11
9. Reflections 06:53
10. Think of One 04:35

Bill Carrothers - piano 
Dean Magraw - guitar 
Chris Bates - bass 
Jay Epstein - drums